Variable step size dichotomous coordinate descent affine projection algorithm

  title={Variable step size dichotomous coordinate descent affine projection algorithm},
  author={Felix Albu and Constantin Paleologu and Jacob Benesty and Yuriy V. Zakharov},
  journal={IEEE EUROCON 2009},
A new affine projection (AP) algorithm based on dichotomous coordinate descent (DCD) iterations has been recently proposed for acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). It uses a constant step size parameter and, therefore, has to compromise between fast convergence and tracking on the one hand, and low misadjustment and robustness to the presence and variations of a near-end signal on the other hand. In this paper we propose a variable step-size (VSS) version of the DCD-AP algorithm (VSS-DCD-AP) that… CONTINUE READING


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