• Engineering
  • Published 2016

Variable-capacity car accumulator

  title={Variable-capacity car accumulator},
  author={钟相强 and 杨艳红 and 刘瑞 and 张轩 and 魏盼 and 吴勇强 and 高卉 and 王宇航 and 周新华 and 宋超宇},
The present invention discloses a variable displacement automotive accumulators, comprising an airbag, a first housing and guard; balloon may be switched between a collapsed state and an expanded state; a first balloon and the inner housing having a receiving hydraulic oil the oil chamber, and may be carried out between a compressed state and a stretched state switching; guard means is provided on the airbag cover, and the first oil chamber located in the housing. Variable capacity accumulator… CONTINUE READING