Variable Star Symbols for Seismicity Plots

  title={Variable Star Symbols for Seismicity Plots},
  author={Duncan Carr Agnew},
  journal={Seismological Research Letters},
  • D. Agnew
  • Published 2014
  • Mathematics
  • Seismological Research Letters
Online Material: Maps of seismicity and cities; test sheet; list of earthquakes; Fortran 77 code. At least since Mallet (1858) seismicity maps have been a way of showing earthquake activity, but, because earthquake size varies greatly, it is difficult to provide an accurate representation of the spatial variation of total seismic energy or moment release. The most common approach, using for each earthquake a single geometric figure of varying size, creates substantial overlap between large… Expand
Equalized Plot Scales for Exploring Seismicity Data
Online Material: Alternate magnitude versus time plots and FORTRAN code. All earthquake catalogs share three features: the earthquakes cluster in space and time, the small earthquakes greatlyExpand
Data completeness of the Kumamoto earthquake sequence in the JMA catalog and its influence on the estimation of the ETAS parameters
Abstract This study investigates the missing data problem in the Japan Meteorological Agency catalog of the Kumamoto aftershock sequence, which occurred since April 15, 2016, in Japan. Based on theExpand
The first version of the ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquakes Catalogue (1900-2009) was released in 2013 ( following the 27-month project funded by the ISC and GEMExpand
The ISC-GEM Earthquake Catalogue (1904–2014): status after the Extension Project
Abstract. We outline the work done to extend and improve the ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue, a dataset which was first released in 2013 ( Storchak et al. ,  2013 , 2015 ) . In itsExpand


Visualization of Seismicity along Subduction Zones: Toward a Physical Basis
It has been a common practice to plot epicenters and hypocenters of earthquakes as symbols of equal size on geologic maps and cross-sections. Such plots can be highly effective. For instance, inExpand
Relationship between seismicity and geologic structure in the Southern California region
Data from 10,126 earthquakes that occurred in the southern California region between 1934 and 1963 have been synthesized in the attempt to understand better their relationship to regional geologicExpand
Public Release of the ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900-2009)
The International Seismological Centre–Global Earthquake Model (ISC–GEM) Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900–2009) is the result of a special effort to substantially extend and improveExpand
Star Plots: How Shape Characteristics Influence Classification Tasks
Our research addresses the question of how to design interfaces for spatial analysis such that they support cognitive processes. In this paper we specifically target the question of map symbol designExpand
Free software helps map and display data
The Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) is introduced, which is a free, public domain software package that can be used to manipulate columns of tabular data, time series, and gridded data sets and to display these data in a variety of forms ranging from simple x-y plots to maps and color, perspective, and shaded-relief illustrations. Expand
Designed Maps: A Sourcebook for GIS Users
"Designed Maps" is a graphics-intensive presentation of published maps, providing more than 70 cartographic examples that GIS users can adapt for their own needs. Each chapter characterizes a commonExpand
Robert Fitzroy and the myth of the ‘Marsden Square’: Transatlantic rivalries in early marine meteorology
  • D. Agnew
  • Sociology
  • Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London
  • 2004
Marine data (especially in meteorology) are often grouped geographically using a set of numbered 10° latitude–longitude squares known as Marsden squares, which are usually attributed to WilliamExpand
The Visual Separability of Plotting Symbols in Scatterplots
Abstract Which symbols should be used to represent different groups of data in the same scatterplot? Hypotheses are derived to predict which symbol pairs should lead to good separability, based onExpand
Elements of Cartography
Partial table of contents: Cartography Today. History of Cartography. EARTH--MAP RELATIONS. Basic Geodesy. Scale, Reference, and Coordinate Systems. SOURCES OF DATA. Ground Survey and Positioning.Expand
A Model for Studying Display Methods of Statistical Graphics
A model has been developed to provide a framework for the study of visual decoding and a specification of visual operations that are employed to carry out pattern perception and table look-up is developed. Expand