Variable Speed of Light Cosmology and Bimetric Gravity

  title={Variable Speed of Light Cosmology and Bimetric Gravity},
  author={John W. Moffat},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics A},
  • J. Moffat
  • Published 15 April 2004
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Modern Physics A
A scalar-tensor bimetric gravity model of early universe cosmology is reviewed. The metric frame with a variable speed of light (VSL) and a constant speed of gravitational waves is used to describe a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe. The Friedmann equations are solved for a radiation dominated equation of state and the power spectrum is predicted to be scale invariant with a scalar mode spectral index $n_s=0.97$. The scalar modes are born in a ground state superhorizon and the fluctuation… Expand
Speed of Light as an Emergent Property of the Fabric
Problem - The theory of Relativity is premised on the constancy of the speed of light (c) in-vacuo. While no empirical evidence convincingly shows the speed to be variable, nonetheless from aExpand
Non-standard hierarchies of the runnings of the spectral index in inflation
Recent analyses of cosmic microwave background surveys have revealed hints that there may be a non-trivial running of the running of the spectral index. If future experiments were to confirm theseExpand


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