Variable Neighborhood Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Routes on IP Networks

  title={Variable Neighborhood Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Routes on IP Networks},
  author={Renata E. Onety and Gladston J. P. Moreira and Oriane M. Neto and Ricardo Hiroshi Caldeira Takahashi},
This paper proposes an algorithm to optimize multiple indices of Quality of Service of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP networks. The proposed algorithm, the Variable Neighborhood Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm (VN-MGA), is a Genetic Algorithm based on the NSGA-II, with the particular feature that different parts of a solution are encoded differently, at Level 1 and Level 2. In order to improve the results, both representations are needed. At Level 1, the first part of the solution is… 

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Consideration is given to the economic manpower shift planning (EMSP) problem, a capacity planning problem which seeks the workforce needed in each workday shift over a given planning horizon in

On Some Aspects of Nature-Based Algorithms to Solve Multi-Objective Problems

This chapter presents an overview of various nature-based algorithms to solve multi-objective problems with the particular emphasis on Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms based on Genetic

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A new model for many-objective optimization called Prio-ε-Preferred, where the objectives can have different levels of priorities or user preferences is presented, and it turns out that the results obtained by AEP are as good as if ε is adjusted manually.



Traffic engineering in MPLS networks with multiple objectives: modeling and optimization

This thesis focuses on the multiobjective optimization of Label Switched Path design problem in MPLS networks, formulated as a zero-one mixed integer program and aims at exploring the trade-offs among the objectives.

EVE-OPT: a hybrid algorithm for the capacitated vehicle routing problem

Eve-OPT, a Hybrid Algorithm based on Genetic Algorithms and Taboo Search for solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem, hybridizes two very simple heuristics and introduces a new genetic operator, the Chain Mutation, as well as a new mutation scheme.

A fast and elitist multiobjective genetic algorithm: NSGA-II

This paper suggests a non-dominated sorting-based MOEA, called NSGA-II (Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II), which alleviates all of the above three difficulties, and modify the definition of dominance in order to solve constrained multi-objective problems efficiently.

Aplicación de NSGA-II y SPEA-II para la optimización multiobjetivo de redes multicast

An analysis of evolutionary algorithms for multi objective optimization, Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm and Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm is presented and results are compared with the NSGA-II and SPEA-II algorithms proposed.

Traffic Engineering Next Generation IP Networks Using Gene Expression Programming

  • A. Bagula
  • Computer Science
    2006 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium NOMS 2006
  • 2006
This paper addresses the problem of traffic engineering (TE) to evaluate the performance of evolutionary algorithms when used as IP routing optimizers and assess the relevance of using "gene

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This paper presents a multiobjective approach for the design of electrical distribution networks. The objectives are defined as a monetary cost index (including installation cost and energy losses

On the impact of the solution representation for the Internet Protocol Network Design Problem with max‐hop constraints

This work presents several properties of the related network loading problem, that allow to overcome the critical issues and lead to an efficient solution evaluation, and shows how these aspects deeply impact on the design of a local search procedure, even at the logical level.

Muiltiobjective Optimization Using Nondominated Sorting in Genetic Algorithms

Goldberg's notion of nondominated sorting in GAs along with a niche and speciation method to find multiple Pareto-optimal points simultaneously are investigated and suggested to be extended to higher dimensional and more difficult multiobjective problems.