Variable Equation of State for Generalized Dark Energy Model

  title={Variable Equation of State for Generalized Dark Energy Model},
  author={Saibal Ray and Farook Rahaman and Utpal Kumar Mukhopadhyay and Ruby Sarkar},
  journal={International Journal of Theoretical Physics},
  • Saibal Ray, Farook Rahaman, +1 author Ruby Sarkar
  • Published 2011
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Theoretical Physics
  • We present a model for the present accelerating Universe and focus on the different important physical variables involved in the model under the phenomenological assumption Λ∝H2 with a prescription for equation of state parameter in the form $\omega(t)=\omega_{0}+\frac{\omega_{1}\tau}{t^{2}}$, where ω0 and ω1 are two constants and τ is a parameter having dimension of time t2. General expressions for the density parameter Ω and deceleration parameter q are obtained which under specific bound… CONTINUE READING

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