Variable Bandwidth and Local Linear Regression Smoothers

  title={Variable Bandwidth and Local Linear Regression Smoothers},
  author={Jianqing Fan and Ir{\`e}ne Gijbels},
  journal={Annals of Statistics},
Bias Correction Estimation for a Continuous‐Time Asset Return Model with Jumps
In this article, local linear estimators are adapted for the unknown infinitesimal coefficients associated with continuous‐time asset return models with jumps, which can correct the bias
Direct Semi�?Parametric Estimation of Fixed Effects Panel Data Varying Coefficient Models
A one‐step backfitting algorithm is proposed that enables the resulting estimator to achieve optimal rates of convergence for this type of problem and exhibits the so‐called oracle efficiency property.
Quantile regression is a developing statistical tool which is used to explain the relationship between response and predictor variables. This thesis describes two examples of climatology using
A New Version of Local Linear Estimators
In the current article we proposed a new version of local linear estimators.The main idea here is to combine two estimators to produce a new estimator having the best features from the original
Literature Review for Local Polynomial Regression
This paper discusses key results from the literature in the field of local polynomial regression. Local polynomial regression (LPR) is a nonparametric technique for smoothing scatter plots and
An evaluation of non-parametric relative risk estimators for disease maps
• Local polynomial modelling can be seen as a local fit of the data against a polynomial basis. In this paper we extend this method to the power basis, i.e. a basis which consists of the powers of an
Variable bandwidth and one-step local M-estimator
A robust version of local linear regression smoothers augmented with variable bandwidth is studied. The proposed method inherits the advantages of local polynomial regression and overcomes the
Understanding exponential smoothing via kernel regression
This paper shows that exponential smoothing can be put into a nonparametric regression framework and gains some interesting insights into its performance through this interpretation, and uses theoretical developments from the kernel regression field to derive, for the first time, asymptotic properties of exponential smoothed forecasters.
Bandwidth selection for statistical matching and prediction
Funding information MINECO grant MTM2017-82724-R, Xunta de Galicia (Grupos de Referencia Competitiva ED431C-2020-14 and Centro de Investigación del Sistema Universitario de Galicia ED431G 2019/01),


Design-adaptive Nonparametric Regression
Abstract In this article we study the method of nonparametric regression based on a weighted local linear regression. This method has advantages over other popular kernel methods. Moreover, such a
On the bias of variable bandwidth curve estimators
SUMMARY A major difficulty in understanding the properties of variable bandwidth methods (Breiman, Meisel & Purcell, 1977; Abramson, 1982) is that extremely lengthy and complex algebra is needed to
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The importance of the distinction between these two definitions of kernel density estimate is stressed, both via an introductory description of the ideas involved and in terms of their comparative theoretical performance.
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Modifications of estimators proposed by Breiman, Meisel and Purcell and Abramson, which have variable window widths, are seen to have very fast rates of convergence.
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On montre qu'en termes de l'erreur en moyenne quadratique integree asymptotique, les estimateurs du noyau avec un certain choix de largeur de bande local sont superieurs aux estimateurs ordinaires du
Weighted Local Regression and Kernel Methods for Nonparametric Curve Fitting
It is proved that in the fixed design regression model, given a weighted local regression procedure with any weight function, there is a corresponding kernel method such that the quotients of weights distributed by both methods tend uniformly to 1 as the number of observations increases to infinity.
Density estimation for statistics and data analysis
The Kernel Method for Multivariate Data: Three Important Methods and Density Estimation in Action.