Variable‐density groundwater flow and solute transport in fractured rock: Applicability of the Tang et al. [1981] analytical solution

  title={Variable‐density groundwater flow and solute transport in fractured rock: Applicability of the Tang et al. [1981] analytical solution},
  author={Thomas Graf and Craig T. Simmons},
  journal={Water Resources Research},
The effect of fluid density variations on mixed convective (advective and density‐driven) transport in fractured rock is examined. Assuming a representative natural hydraulic gradient in a vertical fracture, breakthrough curves for variable‐density systems are shown to be significantly different from those with constant‐density conditions for even very small solute source concentrations (as low as approximately 2.3 g L−1 total dissolved solids, corresponding to 6.4% of seawater salinity). We… 

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