Variability of the Great Disk Shadow in Serpens

  title={Variability of the Great Disk Shadow in Serpens},
  author={Klaus M. Pontoppidan and Joel D. Green and Tyler Pauly and Colette Salyk and Joseph Depasquale},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
We present dual-epoch Hubble Space Telescope imaging of the great disk shadow in the Serpens star-forming region. The near-infrared images show strong variability of the disk shadow, revealing dynamics of the inner disk on timescales of months. The Great Shadow is projected onto the Serpens reflection nebula by an unresolved protoplanetary disk surrounding the young intermediate-mass star SVS2/CK3/EC82. Since the shadow extends out to a distance of at least 17,000 au, corresponding to a light… 



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