Variability of intracellular pH within individual populations of SS and AA erythrocytes.


Individual populations of AA and SS erythrocytes were fractionated according to cell density by centrifugation, and the fractions analysed for intracellular pH (PHi), the mole ratio of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate to haemoglobin (DPG:Hb), and cell concentration of haemoglobin (MCHC). The pHi of SS erythrocytes was consistently lower than that of AA erythrocytes throughout the density range, and the lowest pHi of both cell types (AA and SS) was found in cells with the highest density. As the highest density AA and SS erythrocytes are characterized by the lowest DPG:Hb values, their relatively low pHi cannot be ascribed to intracellular organic phosphate. Instead we propose that a redistribution of hydrogen ions across the membrane of both AA and SS erythrocytes is the ultimate result of progressive alterations in these membranes in vivo.


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