Variability of 13C-labeling in plant leaves.

  title={Variability of 13C-labeling in plant leaves.},
  author={Thanh Thuy Nguyen Tu and Philippe Biron and Kadmiel S Maseyk and Patricia Richard and B. Zeller and Katell Qu{\'e}n{\'e}a and Marie Alexis and G{\'e}rard Bardoux and V{\'e}ronique Vaury and Cyril Girardin and Val{\'e}rie Pouteau and Daniel Billiou and Thierry Bariac},
  journal={Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM},
  volume={27 17},
RATIONALE Plant tissues artificially labeled with (13)C are increasingly used in environmental studies to unravel biogeochemical and ecophysiological processes. However, the variability of (13)C-content in labeled tissues has never been carefully investigated. Hence, this study aimed at documenting the variability of (13)C-content in artificially labeled… CONTINUE READING