Variability in the Branching Pattern of the Internal Iliac Artery in Indian Population and Its Clinical Importance

  title={Variability in the Branching Pattern of the Internal Iliac Artery in Indian Population and Its Clinical Importance},
  author={Sumathilatha Sakthivelavan and Sharmila Aristotle and Anandarani Sivanandan and Sakthivelavan D. Sendiladibban and Christilda Felicia Jebakani},
  booktitle={Anatomy research international},
Internal iliac artery (IIA) is one of the terminal branches of the common iliac artery and is the prime artery of pelvis. The artery has many parietal and visceral branches and hence the variations are frequently noted. The larger branches, namely, the inferior gluteal artery, the superior gluteal artery, and the internal pudendal artery, show sufficient regularity in their patterns of origin to allow typing. The variability of the IIA and its branching pattern were studied by dissecting sixty… CONTINUE READING
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