Vargas - Hernández Víctor Manuel , Tovar - Rodríguez José María , Agustín I Rodríguez Blas , Vargas - Aguilar Víctor


Authors Vargas-Hernández Víctor Manuel, Tovar-Rodríguez José María, Agustín I Rodríguez Blas, Vargas-Aguilar Víctor Manuel Juárez Hospital of Mexico, Mexicocity, Mexico Corresponding Author Víctor Manuel Vargas-Hernández. Insurgentes Sur 605-1403, c.p. 03810 Nápoles, Mexicocity, Mexico. Email: ABSTRACT The Uterine leiomyomas are benign smooth muscle tumors of slow growth, most patients are asymptomatic or discovered during a routine gynecological examination. Clinical manifestations occur in 20-40% with abnormal uterine bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic heaviness and occasionally reproductive alterations related to the size and location of leiomyoma’s. The medical management is to improve symptoms or facilitate surgery, particularly if conservative avoiding the complications associated with surgery. Technological advances in minimally invasive surgery, interventional imagenological, new drugs and a better understanding of tumor biology of leiomyoma’s have replaced the traditional treatment hysterectomy. The uterine leiomyoma’s commonly found in women of reproductive age, which most do not require treatment because of their kindness and only when it interferes with their quality of life should be treated individually.

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