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Varactor-Based Tunable Planar Filters and Post-Fabrication Tuning of Microwave Filters

  title={Varactor-Based Tunable Planar Filters and Post-Fabrication Tuning of Microwave Filters},
  author={Alborz Rezazadeh Sereshkeh},



Automated filter tuning using generalized low-pass prototype networks and gradient-based parameter extraction

A novel technique for automated filter tuning is introduced. The filter to be tuned is represented by a generalized filter low-pass prototype model rather than a specialized equivalent network. The

Microwave filters for communications systems

A monolithic RF-MEMS filter with continuously-tunable center-frequency and bandwidth

A novel RF-MEMS structure to achieve tunable bandwidth is presented in this paper. A movable nickel electrode is employed to realize tunable broad-side coupling. The bottom electrode is fabricated

Center Frequency and Bandwidth Tunable Filter Employing Tunable Comb-Shaped Transmission Line Resonators and J-inverters

This paper presents a novel and simple-structured digital tunable bandpass filter that individually controls the center frequency and bandwidth. The filter consists of tunable lambda/4-length

Sonnet 12.56

  • North Syracuse, NY, 2009.
  • 2009

Low-Loss Two-Pole Tunable Filters With Three Different Predefined Bandwidth Characteristics

Low-loss tunable filters with three different fractional-bandwidth variations were designed and fabricated on epsivr = 2.2, 0.787 mm Duroid substrates for 850-1400-MHz applications. A detailed

Tunable combline filter with continuous control of center frequency and bandwidth

A new combline filter structure with a continuous tunability for both the center frequency and bandwidth is presented in this paper. The passband-width tunability is achieved by placing variable

Yi-Chyun Chiou, and Gabriel M. Rebeiz

  • IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory & Tech, vol. 59, no. 11, pp. 2872-2878 , Nov. 2011.
  • 2011

Tunable microwave and millimeter-wave band-pass filters

The authors present an overview of tunable microwave and millimeter-wave bandpass filters realized in different technologies. Some general design principles are described. Recent progress in the

Reconfigurable bandpass filter with a three-to-one switchable passband width

A reconfigurable bandpass filter is described that aims to preserve the optimal performance of a broad-band system under changing signal conditions. It does so by allowing the passband width of the