VarPy: A Python library for volcanology and rock physics data analysis


VarPy is an open-source toolbox which provides a Python framework for analysing volcanology and rock physics data. It provides several functions, which allow users to define their own workflows to develop models, analyses and visualisations. The goal of the VarPy library is to accelerate the uptake of computational methods by researchers in volcanology and rock physics. It does this via two mechanisms: • supplying a library of ready-made functions that are generally useful; and • providing a context for creating, sharing and comparing additional functions. We anticipate two groups of VarPy users: • the majority who use functions already written and in the library; they will predominantly arrange to use sequences of these functions with their own parameterisations; and • contributors, who, as well as using provided functions, also want to write additional functions for their own use or to add to the library. Keywords—Python library, programming frameworks, volcanology and rock physics data analysis, seismicity deformation data, e-Infrastructures, scientific workflows.

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