Vaporwave, or music optimised for abandoned malls

  title={Vaporwave, or music optimised for abandoned malls},
  author={Laura Glitsos},
  journal={Popular Music},
  pages={100 - 118}
Abstract In this article I focus on the genre of ‘vaporwave’, using the artist 18 Carat Affair as a case study, to explore the way the genre works as a project that produces, and takes pleasure in, a kind of ‘memory play’. As a genre, vaporwave is a style of music collaged together from a wide variety of largely background musics such as muzak®, 1980s elevator music and new age ambience. Vaporwave's ‘memory play’ is a project that takes remembering as its audio-visual aesthetic. The pleasure of… 

“Vaporwave Is (Not) a Critique of Capitalism”: Genre Work in An Online Music Scene

Abstract Vaporwave, first emerging in the early 2010s, is a genre of music characterised by extensive sampling of earlier “elevator music,” such as smooth jazz, MoR, easy listening, and muzak. Audio

Accelerationism and Techno-Orientalism in Macintosh Plus’s Floral Shoppe

Vaporwave is an internet-mediated music genre that has gained worldwide popularity within the last decade, and Floral Shoppe (2011) by Macintosh Plus is widely considered to be the most famous

Lo-fi Today

This article investigates two current incarnations of ‘lo-fi’ music and questions the extent to which these subgenres are actually low in fidelity. In essence, mainstream ‘hi-fi’ productions use

Vaporwave — Anti-Capitalism Internet Music

Vaporwave is a music genre that appears in the 2010s and it lives on the internet. It remixes clips from the 1980s or 90s music and electronic sounds, which gives people a strong sense of confusion,

Aesthetic journeys and media pilgrimages in the contexts of pop culture and the creative industries from and to East Asia

The purpose of this article is to highlight a few stylistic and aesthetic principles, common to the genre of the travel film (both documentary and fictional), as employed by immersive media and

Fast Forwarding The Past (On Pause): Daniel Lopatin’s Memory Vague and the Hauntological Aesthetic of Vaporwave

ABSTRACT:This article examines the electronic musician Daniel Lopatin’s experimental audiovisual work Memory Vague (2009), in which the artist compiles and manipulates “dead” media in the form of

Perfect Pitch

432 Hz music is a relatively recent internet-based phenomenon that has attracted listeners and musicians from all parts of the world. Increasingly connected via social media, listeners in this

UvA-DARE (Digital Technological aesthetics of imperfection in times of frictionlessness

This study opens with an anecdote, attributed to British radio presenter and disc jockey John Peel, that encapsulates its stakes. Peel, upon being confronted by a person who argued for the

UvA-DARE Technological aesthetics of imperfection in times of frictionlessness

  • Art
  • 2021
This study opens with an anecdote, attributed to British radio presenter and disc jockey John Peel, that encapsulates its stakes. Peel, upon being confronted by a person who argued for the

‘José María Arguedas is My John Lennon’: Arguedas as Cultural Hero in Lima’s Independent Music Scene

This article discusses the way that young people in Lima establish themselves as heirs to Arguedas, specifically through the analysis of music by contemporary fusion bands Cronica de Mendigos and



Mashed Up: Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture

From ancient times to the present day, writers and thinkers have remarked on the unique power of music to evoke emotions, signal identity, and bond or divide entire societies, all without the benefit

"MTV Aesthetics" at the Movies: Interrogating a Film Criticism Fallacy

MTV DEBUTED ON CABLE TELEVISION IN AUGUST of 1981 in only a few US markets, airing music videos introduced by awkward video jockeys. In fact, according to historians of MTV, it was not until January

Values of Beauty: Historical Essays in Aesthetics

Values of Beauty discusses major ideas and figures in the history of aesthetics from the beginning of the eighteenth century to the end of the twentieth century. The core of the book features Paul

A History of Video Art: The Development of Form and Function

PART 1. THE ORIGINS OF VIDEO ART: THE HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT. 1. In The Beginning: The Origins of Video Art. 2. Crossing Boundaries: International Tendencies and Influences in Early Artists'

Retromania: Pop Culture's Addiction to Its Own Past

We live in a pop age gone loco for retro and crazy for commemoration. Band re-formations and reunion tours, expanded reissues of classic albums and outtake-crammed box sets, remakes and sequels,

Archive, Media, Trauma

Discussions on memory nowadays seem to proceed in two general directions. On the one hand, there is a growing interest in mediated memory: the various forms by which memory is formed and shared by

The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment

The Body Remembers integrates body and mind in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and consolidates current knowledge about the psychobiology of the stress response both in normally challenging situations and during extreme and prolonged trauma.

Gestalt therapy: History, theory, and practice.

This review concludes with a discussion of Gestalt Therapy in Community Mental Health and Gestalt Approaches to Substance Use/Abuse/Dependency: Theory and Practice, and ansel L. Woldt's contribution to that work.

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

It is amazing to me how in all the hoopla and debate these days about the decline of education in the US we ignore the most fundamental of its causes. Our students have changed radically. Today’s

On media memory : collective memory in a new media age

Note on Contributors Editors' Introduction PART I: MEDIA MEMORY: THEORY AND METHODOLOGIES Cannibalizing Memory in the Global Flow of News B.Zelizer The Democratic Potential of Mediated Collective