Vanishing bone disease (Gorham-Stout syndrome): A review of a rare entity.

  title={Vanishing bone disease (Gorham-Stout syndrome): A review of a rare entity.},
  author={Vasileios S Nikolaou and Dimitrios G. Chytas and Demitrios Korres and Nikolaos E. Efstathopoulos},
  journal={World journal of orthopedics},
  volume={5 5},
Vanishing bone disease (Gorham-Stout syndrome) is a rare entity of unknown etiology, characterized by destruction of osseous matrix and proliferation of vascular structures, resulting in destruction and absorption of bone. Despite the extensive investigation of the pathogenetic mechanisms of the disease, its etiology hasn't been clarified and several theories exist. The syndrome can affect one or multiple bones of the patient, including the skull, the upper and lower extremities, the spine and… CONTINUE READING
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