Vanier & L’Arche: Defying the Tyranny of Distance

  title={Vanier \& L’Arche: Defying the Tyranny of Distance},
  author={David P. Treanor},
  journal={Journal of Disability \& Religion},
  pages={206 - 228}
  • D. Treanor
  • Published 28 March 2020
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Disability & Religion
Abstract Spink’s (1990) narrative of Jean Vanier’s life confirms his academic education by key French personalists and Greig’s (2017) robust and cogent analysis of French Catholic personalism demonstrates how it influenced Catholic Social Teaching and Vanier’s personalist anthropology. Greig’s (2017) discussion on time qua time is exciting, innovative and highly relevant to persons who wish to live authentic Christian lives and invites exploration on many topics including human dignity. Human… 
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Cultural Anthropology
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