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Vanguard of the Discontents : Blank and Null Voting as Sophisticated Protest

  title={Vanguard of the Discontents : Blank and Null Voting as Sophisticated Protest},
  author={Chiara Superti},
ABSTRACT: Contrary to conventional wisdom, and to much of the rational choice literature of the Downsian tradition, this paper rejects the claim that invalid votes are irrational, or the incompetent actions of uneducated voters. Instead, it states that the blank and null vote (BNV) is primarily a form of political expression used by discontented, educated voters, leveraging the symbolic value of the ballot. Focusing on the purest version of this behavior–the individual and non-mobilized BNV… Expand
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  • Ahmed Ezzeldin Mohamed
  • SSRN Electronic Journal
  • 2019


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