Vanadyl complexes bearing bi-dentate phenoxyimine ligands: synthesis, structural studies and ethylene polymerization capability.

  • Jing Ma, Ke-qing Zhao, +6 authors Carl Redshaw
  • Published 2014 in Dalton transactions


Reaction of [VO(OnPr)3] with the Schiff bases 3,5-(tBu)2-2-OH-C6H2CH(N(x-OR-C6H4)) (R = Me; x = 2, L(1)H; x = 3, L(2)H; x = 4, L(3)H; R = Et (L(4)H), CF3 (L(5)H), Ph (L(6)H)) or 4-methyl-3-(R)-2-(OH)-C6H4C[double bond, length as m-dash]N(2'-(2''-(OR1)C6H4)C6H4) (R = adamantyl, R(1) = Ph (L(7)H) or R = C(Me)2Ph, R(1) = Ph (L(8)H)) afforded the bis(chelate… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c4dt00021h