Vanadium in diabetes: 100 years from Phase 0 to Phase I.

  title={Vanadium in diabetes: 100 years from Phase 0 to Phase I.},
  author={Katherine H. Thompson and Chris Orvig},
  journal={Journal of inorganic biochemistry},
  volume={100 12},
A little over one hundred years ago, a vanadium-containing compound was assessed clinically for use in treatment of human diabetic patients. The results were somewhat ambiguous, but nonetheless, intriguing. In 2000, the first Phase I clinical trial of a designed vanadium-based pharmaceutical agent (bis(ethylmaltolato)oxovanadium(IV), BEOV), was completed by Medeval Ltd., Manchester, UK. Results here, too, were promising, but not without some difficult remaining questions. In this review, we… CONTINUE READING

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