Value of proximal regurgitant jet size in tricuspid regurgitation.

  title={Value of proximal regurgitant jet size in tricuspid regurgitation.},
  author={Jose M Rivera and Pieter M. Vandervoort and Donato Mele and Arthur E. Weyman and James D. Thomas},
  journal={American heart journal},
  volume={131 4},
Recent studies have shown good agreement between proximal regurgitant jet size obtained with transthoracic color flow mapping and regurgitant fraction in patients with mitral regurgitation. To evaluate this in patients with tricuspid regurgitation, we analyzed 40 patients in sinus rhythm, 16 with free jets and 24 with impinging jets, comparing proximal jet size (millimeters) with parameters derived from the Doppler two-dimensional echocardiographic method (regurgitant fraction) and the flow… CONTINUE READING

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