Value of biochemical markers for outcome in term infants with asphyxia.

  title={Value of biochemical markers for outcome in term infants with asphyxia.},
  author={Hasan Tekgul and Mehmet Yalaz and Necil Kutukculer and Sureyya Suha Ozbek and Timur Kose and Mete Akisu and Nilgun Kultursay and Sarenur Gokben},
  journal={Pediatric neurology},
  volume={31 5},
The aim of this study was to define the predictive values of serum and cerebrospinal fluid concentrations of interleukin-6 and neuron-specific enolase and urinary uric acid/creatinine ratio for outcome in term infants with perinatal asphyxia. All biochemical markers were measured simultaneously within the 24-72 hours of life in 21 infants. The infants were monitored with a standardized neurologic and developmental evaluation protocol over the 2 years of life. The overall outcome at 2 years of… CONTINUE READING

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