Value Sensitive Design

  title={Value Sensitive Design},
  author={Batya Friedman and David G. Hendry},
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Judgment Call the Game: Using Value Sensitive Design and Design Fiction to Surface Ethical Concerns Related to Technology
Judgement Call, a game for industry product teams to surface ethical concerns using value sensitive design and design fiction, is designed and found to be effective for considering technology from multiple perspectives and identifying ethical concerns.
Scenario Co-Creation Cards: A Culturally Sensitive Tool for Eliciting Values
A novel implicit method is introduced, Scenario Co-Creation Cards, and it is shown how it can be used to incorporate existing models of culture in the value elicitation process, and demonstrated in a case study of Saudi women's visibility in the digital media.
Finance 4.0: Design principles for a value-sensitive cryptoecnomic system to address sustainability
This paper proposes a design science research methodology with value-sensitive design methods to derive design principles for a value- sensitive socio-ecological cryptoeconomic system that incentivizes actions toward sustainability via multi-dimensional token incentives.
Introduction to the special issue: value sensitive design: charting the next decade
The Special Issue, Value Sensitive Design: Charting the Next Decade, which arose from a weeklong workshop hosted by Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, November 14–18, 2016, contains 16 articles consisting of value sensitive design nuggets—short pieces of writing on a new idea, method, challenge, application, or other concept that engages some aspect of valuesensitive design.
The Challenge of Value Alignment: from Fairer Algorithms to AI Safety
It is suggested that more attention needs to be paid to the question of 'social value alignment' - that is, how to align AI systems with the plurality of values endorsed by groups of people, especially on the global level.
Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility: The Past, Present and Future Values of Participatory Design
This interactive workshop aims to re-invigorate the debate around values and social responsibility in Participatory Design with special attention to the Latin American context.
AI should embody our values: Investigating journalistic values to inform AI technology design
It is argued HCI design can achieve the strongest possible value alignment by moving beyond merely supporting important values, to truly embodying them.
Co-Evolving Towards Evil Design Outcomes: Mapping Problem and Solution Process Moves
This paper identifies how triads of student designers from user experience and industrial engineering disciplines frame the problem space and generate solutions, foregrounding the ethical character of their judgments in response to an ethically-nuanced design task.
Parity and the Resolution of Value Conflicts in Design
Recent developments in theories for responsible innovation have focused on the importance of actively accounting for values in our technological designs. Leading among these theories is that of Value
Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Housing: Underpinning Housing Policy as Design for Values
A perusal of the literature on housing debates reveals that the term ‘value’ is mostly applied to express the financial value of a house and is dealt with in economic literature. However, an