Value-Added Electricity Services: New Roles for Utilities and Third-Party Providers

  title={Value-Added Electricity Services: New Roles for Utilities and Third-Party Providers},
  author={Jonathan C. Blansfield and Lee Wood and Ryan E. Katofsky and Benjamin Arthur Stafford and Deborah Waggoner and Lisa C. Schwartz},
Author(s): Blansfield, J; Wood, L; Katofsky, R; Stafford, B; Waggoner, D; National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates; Schwartz, LC | Abstract: New energy generation, storage, delivery, and end-use technologies support a broad range of value-added electricity services for retail electricity customers. Sophisticated energy management services, distributed generation coupled with storage, and electric vehicle charging are just a few examples of emerging offerings. Who should provide… 
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The emergence of distributed energy resources (DERs) that can generate, manage and store energy on the customer side of the electric meter is widely recognized as a transformative force in the power
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