Valuation Studies? Our Collective Two Cents

  title={Valuation Studies? Our Collective Two Cents},
  author={Hans Kjellberg and Alexandre Mallard and Diane-Laure Arjali{\`e}s and Patrick Aspers and Stefan Beljean and Alexandra Bidet and A. Corsin and Emmanuel Didier and Marion Fourcade and Susi Geiger and Klaus Hoeyer and Mich{\`e}le Lamont and Donald MacKenzie and Bill Maurer and Jan Mouritsen and Ebba Sj{\"o}gren and Kjell Tryggestad and François Vatin and Steve Woolgar},
This article presents the results of a poll made among the members of the editorial and advisory boards of Valuation Studies. The purpose is to overview the topic that is the remit of the new journal. The poll focused on three questions: 1. Why is the study of valuation topical? 2. What speci!c issues related to valuation are the most pressing ones to explore? 3. What sites and methods would be interesting for studying valuation? The answers to these questions provided by sixteen board members… 
For What It’s Worth: An Introduction to Valuation Studies
The issue of the perceived topicality of the study of valuation as a social practice as well as the provisional answers to the many questions embedded in the very embarking on such an endeavour are addressed.
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As a contribution to the !eld of valuation studies this article lays out a number of lessons that follow from an exploratory inquiry into ‘good tomatoes’. We held interviews with tomato experts
Anti-corporate activism and market change: the role of contentious valuations
ABSTRACT The contentiousness of markets has recently been assessed by the social movements literature. Activists can use a broad range of tactics to compel corporations to change their practices.


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Interdisciplinary contributions from sociology, economics, political science, and marketing Presents empirical studies of both financial and some unusual markets - wine, art, fashion Pioneering wor
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What do a seventeenth-century mortality table (whose causes of death include "fainted in a bath," "frighted," and "itch"); the identification of South Africans during apartheid as European, Asian,
Theory of valuation