Valproic acid dosage and plasma protein binding and clearance.


Valproic acid clearance was determined in six normal subjects during a single-dose (250-mg) study and multiple-dose experiments of 500, 1,000, and 1,500 mg/day. Eight consecutive oral doses were taken at 12-hr intervals at each dosing level. Valproate levels and protein binding were determined at steady state. Clearance declined 20% from 8.33 +/- 2.44 to 6.67 +/- 1.25 ml/hr/kd between the single-dose and the 500-mg/day steps (p = 0.05). Clearance was unchanged between the 500- and 1,000-mg/day steps despite a 44% increase in mean free fraction (0.0703 +/- 0.0381 vs 0.1011 +/- 0.0438, p < 0.05), implying a balanced opposing decline in intrinsic clearance (from 89.2 +/0 71.0 to 72.0 +/- 20.8 ml/hr/kg; p = 0.025). In four subjects completing the 1,500-mg/day step, clearance increased from 6.76 +/- 1.48 ml/hr/kg (1,000- mg/day) to 8.20 +/- 1.62 ml/hr/kg, corresponding to a further increase in free fraction. Free fraction varied within a single dosing interval (%SD = 11% to 49%). The apparent dose-related decline in intrinsic clearance suggests autoinhibition or saturation of metabolism.


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