Valor energético de algumas fontes lipídicas determinado com frangos de corte

  title={Valor energ{\'e}tico de algumas fontes lip{\'i}dicas determinado com frangos de corte},
  author={Otto Mack Junqueira and Marcelo de Oliveira Andreotti and L{\'u}cio Francelino Ara{\'u}jo and Karina Ferreira Duarte and Luciana Cardoso Cancherini and Eliana Aparecida Rodrigues},
One experiment was carried out to determine the energy value of feeding fats (refined soybean oil, refined canola oil, refined sunflower oil, poultry fat, fish oil and lard) for broilers. One hundred and sixty eight broilers averaging 22 days old were allotted to a complete randomized design with seven treatments and four replicates of six broilers. The experiment lasted 8 days, with three days for adaptation and five days for excreta collection. The control replaced 20% of basal diet, as-fed… CONTINUE READING