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Valley-based FETs in graphene

  title={Valley-based FETs in graphene},
  author={M.-K. Lee and Ning-Yuan Lue and Y.-C. Chen and C.-K. Wen and G. Y. Wu},
  journal={arXiv: Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics},
An analogue of the Datta-Das spin FET is investigated, which is all-graphene and based on the valley degree of freedom of electrons / holes. The "valley FET" envisioned consists of a quantum wire of gapped graphene (channel) sandwiched between two armchair graphene nanoribbons (source and drain), with the following correspondence to the spin FET: valley (K and K') \leftrightarrow spin (up and down), armchair graphene nanoribbons \leftrightarrow ferromagnetic electrodes, graphene quantum wire… 
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A scheme to realize the quantum spin-valley Hall effect in monolayer graphene
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