Valley Splitting and Spin Lifetime Enhancement in Ultra-Scaled MOSFETs


Electron spin properties in silicon and other semiconductors have attracted a significant attention in recent theoretical and experimental studies. Silicon is an ideal material for spintronic applications due to its long spin lifetime in the bulk. However, large spin relaxation in gated silicon structures was experimentally observed. Understanding the details of spin propagation in ultrascaled MOSFETs is urgently needed. We investigate the conduction electron spin relaxation due to surface roughness and electronphonon scattering in (001) silicon films. The [001] equivalent valley coupling through the -point results in a subband splitting in confined electron structures [1]. The values of the valley splitting obtained from a 30-band k p model [2], an atomistic tight-binding model [3], and our sp 3 d 5 s * code are shown in Fig.1. Although looking irregular, the results follow a certain law. Fig.2 demonstrates a good agreement of the results of the tight-binding calculations with the analytical expression for the subband splitting [4]

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