Vallecular Varix: A Perplexing Cause of Oral Cavity Bleeding

  title={Vallecular Varix: A Perplexing Cause of Oral Cavity Bleeding},
  author={Marc A. Polacco and Jacob P Ossoff and Joseph A. Paydarfar},
  booktitle={The western journal of emergency medicine},
Often discovered only after an extensive work up for hemoptysis and hematemesis, vallecular varices are a rare cause of oral bleeding that increase patient morbidity due to delay of diagnosis. We describe an 89-year-old male who presented with a week of intermittent oral blood production. A vallecular varix was identified on fiberoptic laryngoscopy after studies for hematemesis and hemoptysis had been performed, including negative esophagogastroduodenoscopy and bronchoscopy. Awareness of this… CONTINUE READING