Validity of Taxonomic Changes for Turtles Proposed by Wells and Wellington

  title={Validity of Taxonomic Changes for Turtles Proposed by Wells and Wellington},
  author={J. Iverson and S. Thomson and A. Georges},
  journal={Journal of Herpetology},
T~~ taxonomic changes proposed by Wells and Wellington (1985a, Australian J. Herpetol, Suppl. Ser. 1:1-61) are evaluated in light of the application of the fourth edition (1999) of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). Of their proposed names, only the genus Macrochelodina (for which we fix a new type species), and the species Elseya purvisi and Emydura worrelli (a synonym of Emydura subglobosa) represent available names. Their lectotype designation for Emydura victoriae is… Expand
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