Validity and ethics of penile circumference measures of sexual arousal: A critical review

  title={Validity and ethics of penile circumference measures of sexual arousal: A critical review},
  author={Nathaniel Mcconaghy},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • N. Mcconaghy
  • Published 1 August 1989
  • Psychology
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
Wheeler and Rubin (1987) advanced evidence that penile volume responses (PVRs) were no more sensitive than penile circumference responses (PCRs) in measuring erection which the authors incorrectly identified with sexual arousal. Knowledge of the literature would have led them to question that identification and the methodology of their study. PVRs have repeatedly been demonstrated to assess validly not erection but the sexual orientation of individuals, when derived from the early stage of… 
Validity and ethics of penile circumference measures of sexual arousal: A response to McAnulty and Adams
In replying to my review of the validity and ethics of penile circumference responses (PCRs) as measures of sexual arousal McAnulty and Adams misinterpreted the review as claiming penile volume
Validity and ethics of penile circumference measures of sexual arousal: A reply to McConaghy
Concerns over the validity and uses of PCR measures are reviewed, and several of McConaghy's arguments should be considered tentative while others are clearly unsubstantiated.
The psychometric properties of the penile tumescence assessment of child molesters
The presence of sexual arousal to children or a sexual preference for children are commonly hypothesized as being related to child molesting. Sexual arousal and sexual preference do not appear to be
A Comparison of Volume and Circumference Phallometry: Response Magnitude and Method Agreement
It is concluded that at low levels of response both methods are equally good, and at low level of response volumetric phallometry is a more accurate measure of arousal, and 10% FE, or a 2.5-mm circumference increase, should be the minimum response criterion for the circumferential measure.
Assessment and modification of sexual preference in child molesters
Sexual preference has been identified as an important component in the motivational matrix of many sexual offenders against children. Deviant sexual cues or behaviours are understood to elicit
Sadism and other paraphilias in normal controls and aggressive and nonaggressive sex offenders
Penile circumference responses (PCRs) to a visual age/gender erotic preference battery were analyzed and Pedophilia had a low incidence of co-occurrence with other paraphilias whereas sadism, transvestism/fetishism, and the courtship disorder paraphilia had a high incidence ofCo-occurring.
Prevention of voluntary control of penile response in homosexual pedophiles during phallometric testing
The aim of our two experiments was to verify the efficacy of a semantic tracking task (Quinsey & Chaplin, 1988a) in reducing the magnitude of voluntary control homosexual pedophiles exert on their
Sexual preference assessment of sexual aggressors: Predictors of penile response magnitude
Older and presentencing subjects showed a lower maximum penile response magnitude than younger and sentenced subjects, and these results are discussed as they relate to the validity of physiological assessment of sexual preference.
Penile responses of rapists and nonrapists to rape stimuli involving physical violence or humiliation
The sexual arousal profile of a subgroup of rapists with a history of low-level physical violence during their offenses was assessed, and it was found that the association between sexual activities and humiliation presents a higher erotic value than the associationBetweenSexual activities and physical violence.


Responses to Complex Erotic Stimuli in Homosexual and Heterosexual Males
The homosexual group responded with significantly greater erections and subjective sexual arousal to the heterosexual and homosexual film than to the single girl or lesbian ones, while the heterosexuals rated the homosexual cues as unpleasant, whereas homosexuals rated the heterosexual cues as mildly pleasant.
Comparison of two penile measures of erotic arousal.
Differentiating Sexual Aggressives With Penile Measures
Evaluating how a client is doing in therapy is a problem faced by all therapists. This is an especially important issue when the client is a rapist or child molester, since not knowing that his
Psychophysiological assessment of sex offenders in a security hospital
Correlations between “felt sexual arousal” ratings and penis diameter increase were calculated to assess validity, but a high proportion of detained patients gave results which could be interpreted as indicating defensiveness or faking.
The use of penile tumescence measures with incarcerated rapists: Further validity issues
Analysis of the data indicated that there were no significant differences between the responses of rapists and nonrapists and that the rape index proposed by Abel et al.(1978) did not reliably classify incarcerated rapists.