Validity Issues in Narrative Research

  title={Validity Issues in Narrative Research},
  author={Donald E. Polkinghorne},
  journal={Qualitative Inquiry},
  pages={471 - 486}
Attention to the judgments about the validity of research-generated knowledge claims is integral to all social science research. During the past several decades, knowledge development has been split into two communities: conventional researchers and reformist researchers. Narrative research is positioned within the reformist community. The two communities use different kinds of data and employ different analytic processes. In both communities, researchers develop arguments to convince readers… 
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Narrative research is a commonly employed research methodology. In narrative research, researchers capture the testimony of their participants on a myriad of topics, e.g. how they feel about teaching
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Narrative is an important tool for developing and writing up action research experiences. Its power lies in the fact that narrative construction and narrative recounting are fundamental human
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Narrative research is based on the understanding that we create our experiences through language. That is, we story ourselves into being. What do narrative researchers do when we meet the limits of
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Introduction In any research study, the questions of quality, namely validity, reliability and generalisability crop up. Such discussions have a tendency to descend into a series of convoluted
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