Validation to Portuguese of the Debriefing Experience Scale.


OBJECTIVE to translate and validate to Portuguese the Debriefing Experience Scale jointly with individuals that used high-fidelity simulation in learning. METHOD methodological and exploratory study for an instrument translation and validation. For the validation process, the event "III Workshop Brazil - Portugal: Care Delivery to Critical Patients" was… (More)
DOI: 10.1590/0034-7167.2016690413i


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@article{Almeida2016ValidationTP, title={Validation to Portuguese of the Debriefing Experience Scale.}, author={Rodrigo Guimar{\~a}es dos Santos Almeida and Alessandra Mazzo and Jos{\'e} Martins and Ver{\'o}nica Rita Dias Coutinho and Beatriz Maria Jorge and Isabel Am{\'e}lia Costa Mendes}, journal={Revista brasileira de enfermagem}, year={2016}, volume={69 4}, pages={705-11} }