Validation of visual analogue scale for anxiety (VAS-A) in preanesthesia evaluation.

  title={Validation of visual analogue scale for anxiety (VAS-A) in preanesthesia evaluation.},
  author={Enrico Facco and Edoardo Stellini and Christian Bacci and Giovanni Manani and Chiara Pavan and Francesco Cavallin and Gastone Zanette},
  journal={Minerva anestesiologica},
  volume={79 12},
BACKGROUND Anxiety is a relevant but still underscored perioperative problem. The Visual Analogue Scale for Anxiety (VAS-A) seems to be effective, fast and manageable, but has not been fully validated yet. The aim of this study is to validate VAS-A comparing it to, Corah's Dental Anxiety Scale (CDAS) Spielberger's State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). METHODS One hundred consecutive patients (38 males and 62 females, median age 49 years) submitted to oral… CONTINUE READING

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