Validation of the LittlEARS((R)) Auditory Questionnaire in children with normal hearing.

  title={Validation of the LittlEARS((R)) Auditory Questionnaire in children with normal hearing.},
  author={Frans Coninx and Viktor W Weichbold and Labriana Tsiakpini and Enrique Autrique and Gwenola Bescond and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Tam{\'a}s and A Compernol and Madalina Georgescu and Inna V. Koroleva and Ga{\"i}d Le Maner-Idrissi and Wei Liang and Jane R. Madell and Branka Miki{\'c} and Anita Obrycka and Agnieszka Pankowska and Alexandru Pascu and Roxana Popescu and Luminiţa Mihaela Rădulescu and T Rauham{\"a}ki and Petar Rouev and Zuzana Kab{\'a}tov{\'a} and Jaclyn Spitzer and Ch Thodi and F Varzic and Mattheus Vischer and Lillian Wang and Jorge S. Zavala and Joanna Brachmaier},
  journal={International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology},
  volume={73 12},
OBJECTIVES With more children receiving cochlear implants during infancy, there is a need for validated assessments of pre-verbal and early verbal auditory skills. The LittlEARS Auditory Questionnaire is presented here as the first module of the LittlEARS test battery. The LittlEARS Auditory Questionnaire was developed and piloted to assess the auditory behaviour of normal hearing children and hearing impaired children who receive a cochlear implant or hearing aid prior to 24 months of age… CONTINUE READING
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