[Validation of the 3D measuring system].


OBJECTIVE To test the validation of the 3D measuring technique. METHODS A life-size plaster cast of human head was used as the anthropomorphic model. Fifteen experimental conditions were studied. Nine linear distances between landmarks and Nasion were measured each time. These were compared to the standard anthropometric measurements using the same landmarks. RESULTS The mean difference was 1.21mm (2.09%). Among the 8 conditions imitating different head posture,only the one turning 10 degrees to the left had a significant difference from the normal position. CONCLUSION In accordance with the requirements of " human measurement handbook", the system error is acceptable.

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@article{Hu2001ValidationOT, title={[Validation of the 3D measuring system].}, author={Z X Hu and J. P. Luo and Emily Yue Lu}, journal={Shanghai kou qiang yi xue = Shanghai journal of stomatology}, year={2001}, volume={10 2}, pages={159-61} }