Validation of microarray‐based resequencing of 93 worldwide mitochondrial genomes

  title={Validation of microarray‐based resequencing of 93 worldwide mitochondrial genomes},
  author={A. Hartmann and Marian Thieme and Lahiri Kanth Nanduri and T. Stempfl and C. Moehle and T. Kivisild and P. Oefner},
  journal={Human Mutation},
  • A. Hartmann, Marian Thieme, +4 authors P. Oefner
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Human Mutation
  • The human mitochondrial genome consists of a multicopy, circular dsDNA molecule of 16,569 base pairs. [...] Key Method One such method is the Affymetrix GeneChip Human Mitochondrial Resequencing Array 2.0 (MitoChip v.2.0) (Santa Clara, CA). A direct comparison of 93 worldwide mitochondrial genomes sequenced by both the MitoChip and dideoxy terminator sequencing revealed an average call rate of 99.48% and an accuracy of > or =99.98% for the MitoChip. The good performance was achieved by using in-house software…Expand Abstract
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