Validation of four scales for the acute stage of stroke.

  title={Validation of four scales for the acute stage of stroke.},
  author={A R{\"o}d{\'e}n-J{\"u}llig and Mona Britton and Cecilia Gustafsson and Axel R. Fugl-Meyer},
  journal={Journal of internal medicine},
  volume={236 2},
OBJECTIVES To validate whether a simplified scale for the acute stage of stroke--the Scandinavian Stroke Supervision scale--is sufficient for monitoring symptom progression of prognostic importance. DESIGN The capacity of the scale was compared to that of the Mathew, Toronto and Fugl-Meyer stroke scales and the Barthel ADL index. SETTING The stroke unit of Danderyd Hospital, which cares for a defined population. SUBJECTS Fifty noncomatose patients with objectively recorded symptoms at… CONTINUE READING

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