Validation of a talking pedometer for adults with visual impairment.

  title={Validation of a talking pedometer for adults with visual impairment.},
  author={Elizabeth Ackley Holbrook and S. Stevens and Minsoo Kang and D. W. Morgan},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={43 6},
UNLABELLED Alterations in gait mechanics and mobility aid (MA) use have been observed in persons with visual impairment (VI) in response to environmental changes, yet the influence of these modifications on the accuracy of an adaptive pedometer has not been documented. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to establish validity evidence for the Centrios talking pedometer relative to environmental familiarity and MA use in adults with VI. METHODS Thirteen adults with VI (age = 38 ± 14 yr… CONTINUE READING