Validation of a new respiratory inductive plethysmograph.

  title={Validation of a new respiratory inductive plethysmograph.},
  author={Kari A. Leino and S{\'i}lvia Nunes and P{\"a}ivi Valta and Jukka Takala},
  journal={Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={45 1},
BACKGROUND The respiratory inductive plethysmograph (RIP) can be used to monitor changes in end-expiratory lung volume (deltaEELV), and thus, used in intensive care when evaluating positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP)-induced changes in lung volumes in order to optimise the ventilator settings. We validated the newest model of RIP (Respitrace Plus), both under laboratory and clinical conditions, and made a comparison with a previously validated RIP (Respigraph) in the measurement of tidal… CONTINUE READING


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