Validation of Frame-Transfer Correction of SELENE/LISM/MI

  title={Validation of Frame-Transfer Correction of SELENE/LISM/MI},
  author={Taichi Takayama and Akira Iwasaki and Yasuhiro Yokota and Tomokatsu Morota and Jun'ichi Haruyama and Tsuneo Matsunaga and Makiko Ohtake},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing},
Since the visible detector of the Multiband Imager (MI) of the Lunar Imager/Spectrometer mounted on the Selenological and Engineering Explorer operates in a frame-transfer mode of a 2-D charge-coupled device, signals suffer from additional light exposure during the charge transfer, causing complicated artifacts. In this paper, we developed an iterative image-correction algorithm based on a model of multiband artifact phenomena. Using lunar images acquired while in orbit, we validated the… CONTINUE READING