Validation and Operation of a Wake Vortex/Shear Interaction Model


A vortex method model developed previously for studying the mechanisms in vortex/shear-layer interactions has been validated with large-eddy turbulence simulations by Proctor et al. (Proctor, F. H., Hinton, D. A., Han, J., Schowalter, D. G., andLin,Y. L., “Two DimensionalWake Vortex Simulations in theAtmosphere: Preliminary Sensitivity Studies,” AIAA Paper 97-0056, Jan. 1997) and eld measurement data. A shear-detection algorithm used to incorporate meteorological wind data is developed. Operational issues are also explored. The shear-thickness effects and the wind measurement resolution requirement and its sensitivity to the prediction algorithm are discussed. The objective of this work is to develop a computational method that is both accurate enough for the intended purpose and rapid enough to be of use in an operational setting at airports.

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