Validating genetic risk associations for ovarian cancer through the International Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium

  title={Validating genetic risk associations for ovarian cancer through the International Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium},
  author={Celeste Leigh Pearce and Aimee M. Near and David J. Van Den Berg and Susan J Ramus and Aleksandra Gentry-Maharaj and Usha Menon and Simon A. Gayther and A. Rebecca Anderson and Christopher K. Edlund and Anna H Wu and X Chen and Julian Beesley and Penelope M Webb and Sarah K. Holt and C Chen and Jennifer A Doherty and Mary Anne Rossing and Alice S. Whittemore and Valerie A McGuire and Richard A. Dicioccio and Marc T. Goodman and Gideon Lurie and Michael E. Carney and Lynne Ross Wilkens and Roberta B. Ness and Kirsten B Moysich and Robert Edwards and Erica Jennison and Susanne Kryger Kjaer and Estrid V S Hogdall and Claus K. Hogdall and Ellen L. Goode and Thomas A. Sellers and Robert A Vierkant and Julie M Cunningham and Joellen Martha Schildkraut and Andrew Berchuck and Patricia G. Moorman and Edwin S. Iversen and Daniel W Cramer and Kathryn L. Terry and Allison F. Vitonis and Linda T Titus-Ernstoff and H Song and Paul P. D. Pharoah and Amanda B Spurdle and Hoda Anton-Culver and Argyrios Ziogas and Wendy Brewster and Valentin Galitovskiy and Georgia Chenevix-Trench},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
  pages={1805 - 1805}
CL Pearce, AM Near, DJ Van Den Berg, SJ Ramus, A Gentry-Maharaj, U Menon, SA Gayther, AR Anderson, CK Edlund, AH Wu, X Chen, J Beesley, PM Webb, SK Holt, C Chen, JA Doherty, MA Rossing, AS Whittemore, V McGuire, RA DiCioccio, MT Goodman, G Lurie, ME Carney, LR Wilkens, RB Ness, KB Moysich, R Edwards, E Jennison, SK Kjaer, E Hogdall, CK Hogdall, EL Goode, TA Sellers, RA Vierkant, JM Cunningham, JM Schildkraut, A Berchuck, PG Moorman, ES Iversen, DW Cramer, KL Terry, AF Vitonis, L Titus-Ernstoff… CONTINUE READING


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