Validating a Steiner–Waldorf teacher education programme

  title={Validating a Steiner–Waldorf teacher education programme},
  author={I. Oberski and Alistair Pugh and A. Maclean and P. Cope},
  journal={Teaching in Higher Education},
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Steiner-Waldorf (SW) education is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). It provides a distinctive form of education. There are about 900 SW schools worldwide (Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, 2006). SW schools in the UK are in the independent sector, but aspire to be state-maintained to reduce the financial barriers to access. This process has recently begun in England (Woods et al., 2005) and is likely to spread across the UK. There is a shortage of SW teachers and state-funding… Expand
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Steiner Schools in England
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