• Mathematics
  • Published 2011

Validación concurrente del proceso de fabricación del gel de diclofenaco dietilamina 1

  title={Validaci{\'o}n concurrente del proceso de fabricaci{\'o}n del gel de diclofenaco dietilamina 1},
  author={Daysse Gloria Due{\~n}as Barbar{\'a}n and Manuel G. Gonzales},
The validation of the manufacturing process Dietiamina diclofenac gel 1% was conducted in the pharmaceutical industry Corporation Infarmasa S.A during the months of August and September 2011, the study aims to ensure that the results of the products are within specifications, in addition to verifying that the equipment and steps that are involved in the process are properly installed, documented and are operational. To meet this objective, significant samples in each process (mixing, packing… CONTINUE READING