Valeriana jatamansi Jones. (Valerianaceae)

  title={Valeriana jatamansi Jones. (Valerianaceae)},
  author={Shahid Akbar},
  • Shahid Akbar
  • Published 2020
  • Medicine
  • It is a knotty and fragrant root of an herb found in temperate Himalayas. In Ayurveda, it is described as sweet, emollient, pungent, hot and light, and a remedy for suppression of urine (oliguria), poisons, and for nervous conditions, such as anxiety, overexcitement, epilepsy, fainting-fits and headaches. It is also beneficial for menstrual cramps, and lowers BP and relieves palpitation. Muslim physicians described the rhizomes as resolvent, deobstruent, anesthetic, nerve stimulant, diuretic… CONTINUE READING


    6-Methylapigenin and hesperidin: new valeriana flavonoids with activity on the CNS
    • 178
    Cytotoxic potential of valerian constituents and valerian tinctures.
    • 63
    Antidiarrhoeal and bronchodilatory potential of Valeriana wallichii
    • 10
    Neuroprotective bakkenolides from the roots of Valeriana jatamansi.
    • 31
    Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities of leaf extract of Valeriana wallichii DC.
    • 12
    Iridoids and sesquiterpenoids from the roots of Valeriana jatamansi Jones.
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