Valence of D5h C50 fullerene.


The energetic and electronic properties of D5h C50 before and after passivation by H or Cl are investigated using first-principle computational method of density functuional theory with generalized gradient approximation and local density approximation functionals. The results show that H or Cl addition can lead to energetic stabilization. Additions also increase the highest occupied molecular orbit-lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (HOMO-LUMO) gaps of C50 fullerides and make them chemically more stable. In the series of C50H2m (m = 0 approximately 7), the Saturn-shaped D5h C50H10 has the largest HOMO-LUMO gap, which suggests that such a structure of C50H10 is a "magic-number" stable one of C50 adducts, and ten is a pseudovalence or effective valence of C50 fullerene pseudoatom. This point also is supported by the energetic properties of C50H2m series such as binding energies, etc. A minimal energy reaction pathway is constructed to get C50H10 and C50H14. Some useful experience for determining the favorable addition sites was summarized. A simple steric method is developed to predict the effective valences of classical fullerenes.

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