Valdecoxib provides effective pain relief following acute ankle sprain.

  title={Valdecoxib provides effective pain relief following acute ankle sprain.},
  author={Jason A. Diaz and Carlos E. Cuervo and Ana Milena Valderrama and Joseph D. Kohles},
  journal={The Journal of international medical research},
  volume={34 5},
We sought to determine whether valdecoxib is as effective as diclofenac in treating acute ankle sprain. Patients (n=202) with acute first- and second-degree ankle sprain were randomized to valdecoxib (40 mg twice daily on day 1 followed by 40 mg once daily on days 2-7) or diclofenac (75 mg twice daily). The primary efficacy end-point was the Patient's Assessment of Ankle Pain visual analogue scale (VAS, 0-100 mm) value on day 4. Valdecoxib was as efficacious as diclofenac in treating the signs… CONTINUE READING